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The NEU offer two free sessions for trainee teachers which you might like to take advantage of:

Pay, Conditions of Service and You:

This briefing sets out guidance on teachers’ pay and conditions of service, including for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) in their first year of teaching. The briefing looks first at the pay and conditions of teachers in local authority schools in England and Wales. It then looks at the position of teachers in academies, free schools and independent schools, where pay and conditions arrangements may be different, and sixth form colleges, which have their own national arrangements.


Education, the Law and You Teachers work within a legal framework involving rights and duties:

The Revised professional standards for education practitioners have applied to teachers in Wales since September 2011; the Teachers’ Standards have applied to teachers in England since September 2012. Teachers are required to maintain up-to-date knowledge and understanding of and to act within the statutory frameworks which set out their professional duties and responsibilities. This lecture provides information on the legal framework for teachers beginning their careers


Interested providers can email recruit@neu.org.uk who will then put you in touch with their relevant regional office to agree a mutually convenient time/date, etc.


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