Published date: 19th July 2019

Published by: NFER (The National Foundation for Educational Research)


NFER attended the 10th Festival of Education at Wellington College recently. The final session at the Festival focussed on the potential for flexible and part time working to help support improvements in teacher recruitment and retention. Jack Worth, NFER’s School Workforce Lead, presented findings from our report Part-time Teaching and Flexible Working in Secondary Schools<https://r1.dmtrk.net/t/4R3K-6V6A-1XXGIG-4KEBP-1/c.aspx>.

He was joined by Theodora Nickson (Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School) and Katie Waldegrave (NowTeach) who shared their experiences of flexible working in practice.

Watch now: Flexible working in Schools – how to make it work<https://r1.dmtrk.net/t/4R3K-6V6A-1XXGIG-4KEBQ-1/c.aspx>

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