Ofsted’s Annual Report presents our findings for the areas we inspect in early years childcare, schools, further education and skills and social care.

The ITE section is pasted below for ease of reference.

Initial teacher education

There are around 260 providers and 410 age-phase partnerships training teachers through school-centred initial teacher training and higher education institutions. We inspected 7 ITE age-phase partnerships in 2019/20. Five were judged outstanding and 2 were good.[footnote 56] We made only a limited number of inspections this year to develop and test a new inspection framework.

Table 3: Numbers of ITE age-phase partnerships by provision type: 30 June 2020

Provision type Number
Employer-based initial teacher training 1
Higher education institution 170
Initial teacher education in further education 7
School-centred initial teacher training 220
Teach First 13
Total 410
  1. Numbers over 100 are rounded.

This year, we also carried out 33 pilot inspections to test our new inspection framework. Following a consultation, the new ITE framework was published in June 2020 and will be used from January 2021.[footnote 57], [footnote 58] It aligns with the curriculum focus of the EIF and will ensure that the inspection of teacher education focuses on the substance of the ITE curriculum.

Inspection outcomes for ITE remain very high, with 100% of age-phase partnerships now judged good or outstanding. The split between good and outstanding varies by age-phase partnership. Joint primary and secondary ITE partnerships are most likely to be judged outstanding. Forty-four per cent of primary age-phase partnerships were judged outstanding at their most recent inspection.

The full report can be viewed here.


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