Thank you to all Licence Holders who have returned a Facilitation Details Form.  It is important that NASBTT maintains accurate records regarding where and when TEP facilitation takes place; this includes NASBTT being aware of those Licence Holders who may have chosen not to facilitate this term.

Licence Holders who have requested and received prior written consent directly from NASBTT to facilitate a TEP online, this consent is in place for the remainder of this academic year.  When local restrictions are lifted, you may continue to deliver and complete the TEP online as we are aware of the logistical difficulties of re-arranging facilitation to accommodate face-to-face settings.

Licence Holders are reminded to adhere to their organisation’s policy, direction and guidance regarding delivery of online content in accordance with the platforms and software utilised.  This is referenced in the updated Licence Terms and Conditions.

Never before has Licence Holder feedback been so important to NASBTT and we are keen to hear about your experience with online facilitation so that we can develop our TEP content accordingly.

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