Newly introduced in December 2020, NASBTT’s Trainee Subject Networks (to be rebranded NASBTT Networks Live for 2021-2022) have been an exciting addition to NASBTT’s Member offering.  We have over 7,000 trainees, NQTs and Teacher Educators registered for the Trainee Subject Networks which has seen the likes of Dylan Wiliam, Oliver Caviglioli, STEM representatives and a wide range of subject experts lead online sessions for primary and secondary subjects and engage Early Career Teachers in topical issues within their subjects.

We are now taking registrations for NASBTT Networks Live for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Subject knowledge is a key component to effective teaching.  NASBTT Networks Live will support Early Career Teachers in improving their subject knowledge and confidence across the curriculum.

Subject experts will lead online sessions for primary and secondary subjects and engage Early Career Teachers in topical issues within their subjects.  In addition to the subject sessions, there will also be general sessions relevant for all Early Career Teachers.  These sessions will engage Early Career Teachers in useful learning and provide valuable opportunities to work collaboratively with other Early Career Teachers.  Sessions will also inform trainees about relevant Subject Associations and organisations and the resources they make available to teachers and Early Career Teachers.


NASBTT Networks Live are tailored for Early Career Teachers (trainees and those in the first two years of their teaching career) and Teacher Educators in registered providers.

Dedicated Early Career Teacher Hub

Early Career Teachers will be granted access to the Early Career Teacher Hub and NASBTT Networks Live.  Each session will have its own resource page on our dedicated Early Career Teacher Hub (launching in September 2021).

Calendar of events

We have an exciting calendar of sessions planned.  Sessions will run throughout each term and each will have a different curriculum focus.  The calendar for the 2021-2022 academic year will be published in mid-June.

To allow as many Early Career Teachers as possible to attend and minimise disruption, all sessions will be held remotely via Zoom and will be delivered as twilight sessions running from 4.00p.m. to 5.30p.m.

Attend the live session or ‘Watch Later’

We understand that with busy weeks in school, training and family commitments that not everyone will be able to join the live sessions.  Each session will be recorded for Early Career Teachers to ‘Watch Later’ along with access to any resources, presentations, recommended reading and post session tasks.


Costs for 2021-2022 will be based on a per user basis.

  • Primary user – £12.00 per user
  • Secondary user – £6.00 per user

All registered providers will receive five free staff accounts.  Additional staff accounts are at the relevant user cost.

How to register

To register for NASBTT Networks Live, please complete the Registration Form here.

We appreciate that you will not have confirmed trainee and Early Career Teacher numbers at this point.  Therefore, when registering please provide indicative numbers of the users you will require from September 2021.

We will contact you in July to request your Early Career Teachers’ registration information; we will provide a template for your completion.  This information will be held securely and in line with our Privacy Policy.  This information enables us to provide your Early Career Teachers with access to the Early Career Teacher Hub and NASBTT Networks Live and will ensure we only admit registered Early Career Teachers to the live sessions.


Early Career Teachers’ registration information must be shared with NASBTT by Friday, 10th September 2021 for guaranteed set up ahead of the first session on Tuesday, 28th September 2021.  Information submitted after this date will be subject to a 10-working day set up.

Find out more

Register now for the 2021-2022 academic year


If you have any questions regarding NASBTT Networks Live, please contact Caroline Draper, ect@nasbtt.org.uk.

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