Date published: 27th February 2020

Review highlights the impact of NASBTT Teacher Educator Programmes on nearly 650 mentors in first year

An independent review of NASBTT’s Teacher Educator Programmes (TEPs) has reported that nearly 650 School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) and School Direct mentors have already attained TEP professional accreditation.

From introductory mentoring and coaching programmes through to tailored CPD, the TEPs are a suite of professional development courses designed for teacher educators at all stages of their careers, and were first run in early 2019.

They span Level 1 and Level 2 programmes in Effective Mentoring and Coaching, Advanced Mentoring and Coaching, and Facilitating Inspiring CPD, which are delivered by TEP licence holders (SCITT or School Direct provision).

NASBTT also internally runs Level 3 and Level 4 programmes in Training Excellent Mentors, Coaches and Facilitators, Effective SCITT and School Direct Management, and Finance for SCITT and School Direct Managers.

Each programme consists of a number of modules and includes some face-to-face training sessions facilitated by highly-experienced SCITT or School Direct Managers. The term ‘level’ attached to each programme indicates a sense of progression and the seniority of the intended audience, rather than any formal qualification.

The TEP Quality Assurance Project, commissioned by NASBTT from September to December last year, saw experts observe Level 1 and Level 2 TEP licence holders delivering training in line with the requirements of the licensing agreement, and develop and uphold a standardised approach to quality assurance. The work was also intended to identify TEP delivery trends and use these to inform development of future TEP content.

Not only did the interim progress report highlight that 646 teacher educators have attained TEP accreditation to date, at 11 providers 100% of facilitation was rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ by delegates, the majority giving it the highest rating.

NASBTT Executive Director Emma Hollis said: “Whilst it is still early days with the TEPs we are delighted to hear about the emerging benefits for teacher educators. The sheer number of mentors who have received TEP professional accreditation is testament to the impact of the programmes, but also the hard work of those delivering them. Delegates value that the mentor role is taken seriously and seen for the crucial part it plays in the early development of trainee teachers. All providers acknowledge this and it is reinforced by delegate feedback across all providers. Well-timed training that allows delegates to immediately implement knowledge, experience and skills in the workplace is always appreciated. All delegates take their role seriously and are passionate about supporting a positive, enjoyable and constructive career pathway for trainee teachers. We are looking forward to building on these initial successes.”

Di Swift, Executive Director at Keele and North Staffordshire Teacher Education, a NASBTT TEP licence holder, added: “We value offering a ‘career pathway’ for teacher educators. It is important to us that this is externally recognised and celebrated by NASBTT. We see the work of teacher educators as being fundamental to the success of the ITT Core Content and Early Career Framework, and in fact to the profession as a whole. We therefore value the support that NASBTT have offered us, both in terms of the quality of the materials, but also in supporting our further development of the resources.”

Case studies of NASBTT members who have already completed the TEPs can be found here: https://www.nasbtt.org.uk/tep-case-studies/.



NASBTT is a registered charity committed to promoting high-quality schools-led programmes of training, education and professional development of teachers.

NASBTT represents the interests of schools-led teacher training provision in relation to the development and implementation of national policy developments. Our members include SCITT providers, School Direct Lead Schools, Teaching Schools, HEIs as well as a range of other organisations involved in the education and professional development of teachers.  We have 195 members representing almost 7,000 individual trainees.


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