The DfE forwarded the correspondence below to providers on 10th July 2018

10 July 2018

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your continued efforts in maximising recruitment to Initial Teacher Training (ITT) for the 2018/19 recruitment cycle. We are really pleased to have seen a steady increase in ITT applications over recent months.

We know that applicants will continue to search and apply for ITT courses throughout the summer period until UCAS closes in September. As Minister Gibb set out in his letter dated 9 May 2018, we recommend that all providers and lead schools continue to recruit right up until the end of the cycle.

To support you over the summer period, we are offering providers and lead schools additional support through our Premier Plus Advisor service (PPAs). If you are still accepting and processing ITT applications over the summer period then you should let us know by completing this form.

PPAs provide one-to-one support for individuals interested in applying to ITT (except PE). They will use the information that you provide on the form to signpost applicants to providers and lead schools who have confirmed with us that they are accepting and processing ITT applications over the summer period. This will help applicants find providers who are still recruiting more quickly.

The form should only take a couple of minutes to complete, but will give our PPAs the important information that they need to assist individuals who still want to make an application for ITT 2018/19.

However, if you do stop recruiting at any time, it is essential that you close your courses on UCAS to ensure that summer applicants are only making applications to providers and lead schools and that are continuing to make offers.

If you complete the survey but later stop recruiting to one of your courses for any reason, please let us know by emailing ITT.allocations@education.gov.uk so the information provided to candidates is as up-to-date as possible.

Please also continue to refer any potential applicants to our Get into Teaching service to ensure they make the most of the PPAs. The PPA service continues to be available to applicants in all subjects (except PE).

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind providers of the changes made to the ITT Criteria and supporting advice earlier this year, designed to support you in maximising recruitment to your courses. All applicants should be assessed and selected on their suitability to train to teach, and should not be rejected due to a lack of prior school experience.


Kind regards,

Lorna Howarth

Assistant Director

Teacher Recruitment: Initial Teacher Training Operation and Markets Division

Department for Education


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