The DfE Teacher Recruitment Bulletin: extra July bulletin 2018 can be found here.

Teacher Recruitment Bulletin: extra July bulletin 2018
Welcome to this extra July 2018 edition of the Teacher Recruitment Bulletin, which contains vital information to support your initial teacher training (ITT) recruitment. Your colleagues can subscribe by emailing teacher.recruitmentbulletin@education.gov.uk.

1. Summer Recruitment Service
2. New Teaching Jobs service – schools in Cambridgeshire and the North East

3. Train to Teach events 2018 and 2019

4. Maths early-career payments consultation

5. National Computing SCITT – Prior Information Notice
6. ITT provider requirements – safeguarding checks

7. Postgraduate teaching apprenticeships webinar
1. Summer Recruitment Service
All ITT providers and schools recruiting for 2018 to 2019 were contacted on Tuesday 10 July 2018 about the Summer Recruitment Service, where we are offering providers and lead schools additional support through our Premier Plus Advisor service (PPAs). PPAs provide one-to-one support for individuals interested in applying to ITT (except PE). They will signpost applicants to providers and lead schools who have confirmed with us that they are accepting and processing ITT applications over the summer period. This will help applicants find providers who are still recruiting.
If you are still accepting and processing ITT applications over the summer period, please let us know by completing this form.
2. New Teaching Jobs service – schools in Cambridgeshire and the North East
Teaching Jobs is a free service to both schools listing teaching posts and jobseekers. The Department for Education (DfE) has been testing the service with a small sample of schools in Cambridgeshire and the North East. We’re now ready for remaining schools in these two regions to start using the service to drive improvements and prepare for wider roll out, initially in phases and then as a national service.
We’ve started to set up accounts for all schools in Cambridgeshire and the North East that have registered to use the Teaching Jobs service. If you have not yet registered please email the following to teachingjobs@digital.education.gov.uk

  • your school name
  • the name of the person who will be using the account to list jobs
  • the email address that person will use to access the service

If your school currently has a vacant teaching post you would like to list, please use ‘access and job ready to list’ in the subject line of your email; we will aim to set up your account as soon as possible.

3. Train to Teach events 2018 to 2019
Our next round of Train to Teach events are currently being finalised. Visitor registrations open mid-September on the Get into Teaching website; more than 8,500 people attended an event last year which is an increase of 1,500 – this makes this a fantastic opportunity to promote your teacher training course and meet high-quality candidates.
The booking form for exhibition space will be available via the Teacher Recruitment Bulletin, planned circulation is 6 September 2018.
Please ensure your colleagues do not miss this opportunity by subscribing at teacher.recruitmentbulletin@education.gov.uk.
For further information about these events, please email whatson.where@education.gov.uk.
4. Maths early-career payments consultation
Maths early-career payments are being offered to teachers who start a non-salaried postgraduate maths ITT course in the 2018 to 2019 academic year, and will be paid in their third and fifth year of teaching.
We are holding a consultation to ask for views on how the maths early-career payments will be administered. Teachers, school leaders and ITT providers are welcome to respond to the short consultation, which is open from 10am on Monday 16 July to 5pm on Monday 30 July 2018.
To respond to the consultation, please visit Mathematics early-career payments: administration of payments.
5. National Computing SCITT – Prior Information Notice
The DfE is exploring potential options to support the formation of a school-centred initial teacher training (SCITT) provider with national reach specialising in the recruitment and delivery of computing initial teacher training. Interested organisations should read the Prior Information Notice (PIN) published on GOV.UK: National Computing SCITT.
Please note we are not committing to undertake any formal commissioning activity resulting from this notice although we may use the information gathered via this process to support any future commercial activity.
Interested organisations should complete the SCITT PIN questionnaire and submit it to contact.ncscitt@education.gov.uk by 8am on Monday 23 July 2018.
6. ITT Provider requirements – safeguarding checks
We would like to remind all accredited ITT providers that advice on safeguarding checks, including childcare disqualification checks, is in section C1.3 of the ITT criteria supporting advice.
DfE published advice on this criterion remains unchanged, and providers must continue to undertake childcare disqualification checks. However, ITT providers and their partner schools should note that from Saturday 1 September 2018 they no longer need to check trainees for disqualification by association in respect of trainees employed in, or placed in, schools.
To view the criterion, please visit Initial Teacher Training (ITT): criteria and supporting advice.
To view the statutory guidance for schools about employing staff who have been disqualified from providing childcare, please visit Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006.
For further information, please email: itt.accreditation@education.gov.uk.
7. Postgraduate teaching apprenticeships webinar
The postgraduate teaching apprenticeship team held a webinar on Friday 6 July covering all aspects of the teaching apprenticeship for schools and local authorities. To access the recording of the webinar please click here. Please note – you will need to fast forward to 3m30s which is when the audio commences.
A copy of the slides can be downloaded here.
For further information, please email: Teaching.APPRENTICESHIP@education.gov.uk.
If you wish to stop receiving this bulletin, you can unsubscribe by emailing teacher.recruitmentbulletin@education.gov.uk.
You can see the last 3 issues on GOV.UK.

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