The DfE has today published details of its Teacher Supply Model forecast of the number of new ITE students required in 2019/20, alongside details of ITE allocations to programmes where recruitment is capped (undergraduate, secondary PE and EYTT).  Full details can be found here.  The headline figures are that 864 additional postgraduate ITE students need to be recruited compared to the 2018/19 TSM.  The figures for primary are +451 (4%) and 413 secondary (+2%).

UCET have asked us to extend an invitation to their Annual Conference on 6th and 7th November 2018 to NASBTT members.  DfE colleagues will be running a workshop on the development of a new teacher recruitment and retention strategy.  There will also be DfE sessions on the Early Career Framework, the new ITE applications system and teacher workload.  If you are interested, you can register here.


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