This from an article by Will Hazell in the TES 19th January 2018

A teacher training scheme set up by a former “superhead” …………. has changed its website to remove a claim that it is accredited by the University of London.

Earlier this month Tes reported that Jo Shuter, ………….had set up a teacher trainer called Teach Forever. On Teach Forever’s website, it described itself as a “fully paid route to [qualified teacher status] assured, accredited and monitored by the University of London”.
However, according to a tweet by the University of London, this claim was incorrect.

“The newly formed Teach Forever Academy stated on their website that their route to QTS (qualified teacher status) would be assured/accredited and monitored by the University of London. This is not correct and this error has now been amended by Teach Forever,” the university said. The website has since been changed to say that the route is assured and accredited by a “top London university”.
In the Evening Standard‘s first story on Teach Forever on 9 January, it reported that the scheme was “accredited by the University of East London”. However, in a tweet the University of East London also said it “doesn’t have anything to do with the Teach Forever course”.

Tes has contacted Teach Forever for comment.

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