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In a fortnight’s time, the Chartered College is launching a digital hub with resources targeted at trainee and early career teachers – and their mentors and teacher educators. It is particularly designed for use by training providers who may wish to build some of the resources into their training provision. The resources will include an extensive video library of classroom footage, articles, interactive activities, reading lists, and resources organised by and aligned to the Teacher Standards and ECF / CCF areas, as well as being sortable by phase / setting. Users will be able to bookmark content, track their reading, contribute to discussions and follow through suggested content pathways if they are exploring the site independently. Discussions with providers suggest that the video footage of real examples from the classroom will be particularly useful in the current context where school placements have been curtailed. We are working with and talking to a range of organisations, including NASBTT, UCET, the CFSA, the TSC, SIOE, and Teach First, to plan and develop the hub.

We particularly want to signpost existing, relevant materials from teacher training providers, teaching schools, subject associations, appropriate bodies and more, so if you have any of the following you would be willing to share we would love to be sent them (ideally in the next week or so, but we will continue to add further resources after the initial launch):

Links to any resources for trainees and NQTS and / or teacher educators and mentors that are available open to all (or behind a free login) that we can link to – these could be a training provider or subject association’s own resources that you are happy to share, or reading lists / lists of external links that you are sharing with your trainees. If links could be organised by the Teacher Standards and / or Early Career Framework section they relate to where relevant, this would make organisation of them easier! We will include links to resources in their original locations (eg on your websites) rather than seeking to host them ourselves, as we want to send traffic to your sites; we will of course credit any contributions, and are happy to link to membership pages where appropriate too.

We are also keen to receive feedback and advice on how to make the hub the most useful possible for early career teachers and training providers.

When the hub launches, we will send out more information, links, and materials so that you can explore it and see what may be useful in your work, and we would appreciate you also promoting it to your trainees. The site will require member login to enable all of the features, but membership is free for trainees (current trainees can still sign up until they finish their course and will get a full year of free membership), and we will arrange access if necessary for any training providers who are not yet Chartered College members. The main target audience initially will be current trainees, but during the summer term we will release some materials aimed at those starting their training in September.

Please send any links to resources or any queries or ideas to Cat Scutt, Director of Education and Research at the Chartered College of Teaching, on


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