NASBTT’s view is that individual providers are always best placed to decide on what is best for their cohorts, in consultation with their partner schools and with the trainees concerned. We would, however, advise that (non-salaried) trainees should only go into schools if:

  • this is on the basis of a voluntary agreement between the trainee and the school and is not considered a requirement of the training provider;
  • all parties (provider, trainee and school) are in agreement and the provider has clear agreements with the trainee about any online or distance learning that they must be available to engage with and that any voluntary attendance in school should accommodate this;
  • no individual trainee will be expected to go into school if they are unable or unwilling to do so, and that they will not be disadvantaged if they do choose not to go in;
  • trainees who do attend school will be engaged in meaningful experiences;
  • the health and safety of trainees and provider/school staff is protected following the most up to date guidance available from government; and
  • trainees who are unable to volunteer in a school are not unduly disadvantaged in comparison to those that can.

Salaried trainees are employed by their school and therefore subject to the employment requirements set out within their contracts.

This advice is subject to any future decisions or guidance from HM Government and the DfE.


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