Please see below a message sent to providers on 26th October 2018 regarding issues with the TTP Dashboard:

Dear teacher training provider,

A number of providers have contacted us explaining the continuing issues being encountered in relation to the TTP Dashboards. We would like to reassure you that all of these queries and issues have been collated and sent to our developers for investigation. We are hoping to review actions to correct in the very near future.

Whilst this continues, if you have submitted your full quota of student data, and are content that your raw data is correct, regardless of the results being presented in a Dashboard, please consider signing off your census. We are fully aware that data may have been entered or submitted to us correctly.

Please note, it is the state of your raw data that you are signing off, not the Dashboards.  The reports were designed to assist you by summarising areas of your data for review, but we fully appreciate that there are currently issues with them.

For help with any aspect of data submission and checking, please email us  on: ITT.DataManagement@education.gov.uk

Thank you again for your cooperation.

Shaun Osborne

DMS Team Leader
Teachers Analysis Division


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