Happy new Year from everyone at UCAS. We hope you had a lovely break and look forward to working with you this year. Here’s your first UCAS Teacher Training bulletin on 2021…

The 40-day decision deadline has recommenced

The 40-day decision deadline has now recommenced.

To help identify applications awaiting decisions, login to web-link and access your Outstanding Decision Lists (ODL). The ‘On-demand ODL’ shows applications awaiting a decision from you. The ‘Weekly ODL’ is a list of applicants who will be rejected in the next 7 days to help you prioritise your decision making.

For more information on making decisions head to page 14 of our UCAS Teacher Training admissions guide.

2021 cycle application statistics

Tomorrow we’ll publish the application statistics for the 2021 cycle for all postgraduate teacher training applications.

The reference point for these statistics is Monday 21 December. The figures will be available on the UCAS Teacher Training statistical releases page of ucas.com.

You can now view them under embargo until they are published at 00:01 tomorrow.

For the first time, the statistics in these reports reflect the total number of applicants who have applied through either UCAS Teacher Training or the DfE’s service.

If you have any questions, email communications@ucas.ac.uk

Apply for teacher training – what’s happening in 2021?

Throughout 2021, the becoming a teacher team at the DfE will be working closely with English providers to prepare for the national roll-out of Apply for teacher training in October. They will also be developing and gradually rolling out a new service, Register trainee teachers, which will eventually replace the existing Database of Trainee Teachers and Providers (DTTP).

To find out more about this work and discuss how to make sure you’re ready for Apply for teacher training, contact becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk

Playback December’s UCAS Teacher Training Annual Review and Transition Update

Last month as part of our annual UCAS Teacher Training event, the Department for Education provided an update on the latest transition plans. If you missed this, or any of the other sessions, you can now watch them on demand.

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