Important Updates

Summer recruitment RBD change

From 1 July we will be reducing the time you have to make decisions on applications, from 40 to 20 working days.

This will run from 00:01 on Wednesday 1 July until 18:00 on Tuesday 29 September 2020. Any applications received up to, and including Tuesday 30 June 2020, will still have 40 working days to be considered. Applicants will continue to receive ten working days to accept an offer.

If you have any queries, please contact our HEP Team on 0344 984 1111, or at hep_team@ucas.ac.uk.

Analysis and Results

2019 end of cycle report

The 2019 end of cycle resources will be published at 00:01 on Thursday 28 May. For the first time, statistics are included in our new interactive dashboard, allowing users to visualise and tailor the reporting to their own specifications.

These are now available for you to preview here. You received copies of the provider level data resources for review on 11 May.

If you have any questions, please email communications@ucas.ac.uk

2020 cycle application statistics for May 

Tomorrow we’ll be publishing application statistics for the 2020 UCAS Teacher Training cycle.

The reference point for these statistics is Monday 18 May. The figures will be available on the UCAS Teacher Training statistical releases page of ucas.com.

You can now view them under embargo until they are published at 00:01 tomorrow.

Please note, the statistics in these reports reflect the total number of applicants who have applied through UCAS Teacher Training, and don’t include those who have applied through the DfE’s service. The DfE application figures will be relatively small for the short term, and are unlikely to have an impact on overall trends.

If you have any questions, please email communications@ucas.ac.uk

Systems and Service

RBD/DBD freeze

On Monday 1 June the RBD/DBD freeze will be coming to an end. Please check weblink for the up to date list of your applicants RBD dates.

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