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Published on: Wednesday 29th January 2020


Stay informed – keep your UCAS Teacher Training contacts up-to-date

Are you aware of any staff changes, or do you think you should be receiving bulletins but haven’t?

Please ensure you have the correct contact listed for our UCAS Teacher Training bulletins. Our monthly bulletins keep providers up-to-date on scheme dates and deadlines, help and advice on UCAS Teacher Training admissions, and updates on the transition with the Department for Education (DfE).

For providers based in England, please maintain all contacts through the DfE’s Publish, or contact them at becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk

Providers based in Wales should continue to update their contacts through web-link.


2020 cycle application statistics for January

On Thursday 30 January, we’ll publish application statistics for the 2020 UCAS Teacher Training cycle.

The reference point for these statistics is Monday 20 January. The figures are provided to you under embargo, until they are published on the UCAS Teacher Training statistical releases page of ucas.com, on Thursday 30 January.

Please note, the statistics in these reports reflect the total number of applicants who have applied through UCAS Teacher Training, and don’t include those who have applied through the DfE’s service. The DfE application figures will be relatively small for the short term, and are unlikely to have an impact on overall trends.

If you have any questions, please email communications@ucas.ac.uk.


New Apply for Teacher Training

The Department for Education started piloting the new Apply for Teacher Training service in November 2019.

Since then, the team has been working with SCITTs and schools, so they can start receiving applications through the new service.

The team is now writing to SCITTs and schools on a regional basis, to bring them onto the service. If you would like to take part in the pilot, you can find out more and sign up at www.apply-for-teacher-training.education.gov.uk/provider.

In parallel, the team is working with higher education providers to prepare for the October 2020 early adoption programme. If you are interested in finding out more about early adoption, please contact becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk.


UCAS Teacher Training forum – there’s still time to book your place

The first UCAS Teacher Training forum is taking place on 27 February, at UCAS in Cheltenham. There are a limited number of places remaining – find out more and register here.

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