Preparing for the 2021 cycle

The 2021 cycle opens next month, and it marks the beginning of the Department for Education’s (DfE) Apply for Teacher Training university pilot, which will see both UCAS and the DfE offer application services.

Many thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s joint webinar with the DfE where we provided information on how the cycle will run. Please complete our short survey to provide us with your feedback. If you missed the session you can watch a playback here.

Below is a reminder of next month’s key dates:

  • 6 October: Students can search for courses.

    From next week, students will be able to search for programmes starting in 2021:

    • Students looking to study in England, should use the DfE Find Postgraduate Teacher Training.
    • Students looking to study in Wales should use the UCAS Teacher Training search tool.
  • 13 October: Students can apply for courses starting in 2021

    UCAS Teacher Training ‘Apply’ and DfE ‘Apply for Teacher Training’ systems both open for 2021 applications. Read our UCAS Teacher Training Admissions Guide to ensure you’re prepared to start receiving applications from this date.

    Action required: Getting ready for 2021 applications

    To make sure you’re ready for the new cycle, check you have:

    1. Updated your 2021 programme information

      Keeping your programme information up to date is essential.

      • Providers based in England should manage their training programme information through the DfE’s Publish tool.
      • Providers in Wales should use our collection tool – our set-up guide will help you get started.

    Downloaded the 2021 Admissions guide

    Our 2021 cycle UCAS Teacher Training Admissions Guide is now available for you to download and share with colleagues working in admissions. It includes everything you need to know from dates and deadlines to managing courses and applications through UCAS.

    2020 cycle application statistics for September

    Tomorrow we’ll be publishing application statistics for the 2020 UCAS Teacher Training cycle.

    The reference point for these statistics is Monday 21 September. The figures will be available on the UCAS Teacher Training statistical releases page of ucas.com.

    You can now view them under embargo until they are published at 00:01 tomorrow.

    Please note, the statistics in these reports reflect the total number of applicants who have applied through UCAS Teacher Training, and don’t include those who have applied through the DfE’s service. The DfE application figures will be relatively small for the short term, and are unlikely to have an impact on overall trends.

    If you have any questions, please email communications@ucas.ac.uk.

    Last chance: Sign up for October’s regional forums

    We’re running two UCAS Teacher Training regional forums in October to give you an opportunity to engage with us and each other. You’ll be able to:

    • talk through the opening of the cycle and how you feel it’s gone
    • share best practice
    • feedback and ask questions following yesterday’s UCAS/DfE Dual running webinar

    We’re holding two sessions to make sure you can engage with us, but you only need to attend one session. Click on the below links to register your place:

    Kind regards

    UCAS Teacher Training

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