Date published: 4th November 2019

How will Ofsted inspect fundamental skills?

Ofsted will expect providers to comply with the requirements set out in the ITT compliance criteria.


Ofsted will simply continue to inspect ITT providers’ recruitment and selection of trainees. Inspectors will continue to:

  1. ask providers about the processes and procedures in place to recruit and select trainees who are ready to begin training to teach.
  2. ask leaders how they are responding to the needs of individuals and groups of trainees. In particular, how they are adapting the training programme or pastoral arrangements for each new cohort of trainees.

Going forward, inspectors are likely to ask ITT providers how they:

  • identify any gaps in prospective trainees’ fundamental English and mathematics skills, which will not be covered in the course content.
  • support trainees admitted to the training programme(s) who have identified gaps.
  • ensure any identified gaps are filled before course completion.

Ofsted will not expect you to have any particular recruitment and selection process. Ofsted will not expect evidence about recruitment to be presented in any particular manner.

NASBTT guidance has been updated to reflect this and is available in the link below: Fundamental English and Mathematics Proficiencies Frequently Asked Questions (November 2019)

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