At our Annual Conference this term, Clare Haly, our Curriculum Designer – Teacher Educator Programmes, launched our Mentor Development Modules, our suite of resources to support providers in meeting the mentoring requirements for 2024.

Mentors will be able to access modules asynchronously for self-directed study both online and via an app.  Our Mentor Development Modules will include a diagnostic assessment to recommend appropriate modules and digital badging for completed modules.  Alternatively, providers will be able to deliver modules synchronously using the resources

The first 20-30 modules will be available for early rollout from September 2023, with the full suite of 60 modules in place for September 2024.  We will be sharing further information with Members in the new year about how to register for NASBTT’s Mentor Development Modules.

We are now seeking ITT professionals to support us with the writing of the materials for our Mentor Development Modules.

If you are interested in writing for us, please complete the expression of interest form here by Monday, 19th December 2022.


Watch Clare’s presentation from the Annual Conference



View Clare’s slides from the Annual Conference



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