Following NASBTT’s Accreditation Round 1 Outcomes Survey, we have been overwhelmed by the response of our Members and their generosity in supporting other colleagues in the sector with their Round 2 applications.

We have compiled two directories to support Members: accredited providers who are offering paid 1:2:1 support relating to specific questions and accredited providers who are open to partnership discussions.

Providers offering paid 1:2:1 support*

Providers interested in exploring partnerships*

These directories along with further ITT Market Review information can be found in our Member Hub.

* This information is for the convenience of our Members, and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favour by NASBTT or its agents.

Don’t forget to book your place at our upcoming ITT Market Review – The Accreditation Process (Round 2) event series.

Please know that we are always here for you at the end of the phone or an email and we will keep on representing your voices and fighting your corner throughout this process and beyond.

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