In order to best support career changers in making the decision to become a teacher, Transition to Teach are undertaking a survey of career changers who have already made the leap in order to understand their reasoning, drivers and any barriers they faced.  With this in mind, we would be most grateful if you would take the time to share the following survey with any trainees or recent graduates who moved into teaching from a different career.


Career Changers Survey

Transition to Teach identifies and supports professionals who have already had a successful career in business and industry to make the transition to becoming a teacher.  The ambitious scheme focuses on encouraging professionals to recognise how their existing skills and experience can be applied to the classroom environment, to make a positive impact on young people.  Transition to Teach therefore works to support the UK government’s plan to assist schools in attracting talented teachers to provide an outstanding level of education across the country.

We would encourage those Career Changers already successfully teaching in schools to share their experiences in making the transition in sharing their journey information and assisting others in making the same move.

A link to the survey can be found here.


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