Providers may find the following guidance useful as they discuss carrying out lesson observations and moderation remotely.

It is up to the ITT provider to agree with schools in their partnership if it is appropriate to remotely observe or moderate trainees’ teaching in school. They will need to come to an agreement that respects the schools’ policies and meets safeguarding and data protection requirements.

There are resources on GOV.UK that may be of help to providers in their discussions with schools:

The following resources may also be useful:

We also wanted to make it clear that the new local Covid alert levels do not prevent trainees from travelling to their placement schools. The guidance makes clear that public-sector workers, including in education settings, should continue to travel to work where necessary. This includes travelling in or out of very high alert level (tier 3) areas. In addition, the guidance on the local Covid alert levels should be read independently of the guidance on the tiers of national restriction for education. The default is that schools remain open in all the local Covid alert levels.

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