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Inspections deemed ‘not fit for purpose’ by teachers and education staff as they battle loneliness, stress and burnout

Today sees the launch of Education Support’s seventh Teacher Wellbeing Index. This year’s report shows that wellbeing in the sector is poor and continues to decline. Senior leaders remain at particular risk, with a significant decline in the overall wellbeing of classroom teachers.

Staff also tell us they experience significant feelings of loneliness and isolation, with teachers and education staff feeling twice as lonely at work compared to the general population.

This year we asked about educators’ experience of inspections. They have little trust in the inspection system; raising questions about the effectiveness of inspections, the impact on school leader and staff wellbeing and implications for learner outcomes.

These findings show teachers and education staff are being pushed to their limits. “It should not have taken the death of my sister to make government finally take notice and, I hope, urgent action to address the mental health crisis in education.”
Julia Waters

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