Dear Colleagues,

Following the letter from the Department for Education on Friday regarding replacements for the skills/proficiency tests. We are pleased to announce two new events ‘Fundamental English and mathematics proficiencies workshops’ to support colleagues with these changes.

A link to the two new events can be found below:

Fundamental English and mathematics proficiencies workshop (London)

Fundamental English and mathematics proficiencies workshop (Manchester)

The letter from the DfE can be found on our website.

Key points include:

  • The new requirements will come into effect on 1 April 2020. Any programmes (including Assessment Only) beginning before then will be covered by existing skills test rules.
  • The new rules will be reflected in the ITE requirements.
  • ITE providers should make assessments of trainees before QTS is awarded, either during the initial selection process (e.g. by taking account of existing qualifications) or during the ITE programme.
  • Any work to address deficiencies should be taken by the trainee in addition to what is covered during the ITE programme.

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