Published on: 9th March 2020

Like many subject organisations, the Geography Association offers a vast array of support to a wide range of stakeholders. The following three ‘free’ items below may be of interest to members.


Geographical Association web section for trainees, mentors and geography teacher educators

This comprehensive website section provides professional advice and guidance for anyone applying to become a geography teacher, training to teach geography, mentoring trainees or leading initial teacher education for geography. It includes practical advice, references to further reading and links to additional GA support. Some parts of the section are for members only but significant amounts are freely available to all.


Geographical Association e newsletter for Geography Teacher Educators

The Geographical Association sends out a regular e-news update for those leading initial teacher education in geography. This free service provides policy updates, links to new research and to further sources of support from the GA and others. Many items are of interest to and can be shared with mentors and trainees. Sign up to the newsletter from https://www.geography.org.uk/Initial-Teacher-Education/Support-for-ITE-trainers


Free Primary Membership of the Geographical Association

The Geographical Association recognises that for primary phase trainees, the costs associated with joining multiple subject associations can be prohibitive. We now offer a free version of primary membership. Free Primary Members receive a regular Primary Update, packed with practical advice for teaching geography. They can also access additional website resources, receive special discounts on GA publications and support and upgrade to Primary Member Plus whenever they wish. Trainees can sign up here https://www.geography.org.uk/Free-Primary-Membership



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