Further to our previous message regarding round 2 announcements, you will be aware of the message from DfE that there may be a further delay beyond the end of September. This delay was initially the result of the cross-government suspension of all announcements during the period of national mourning. Now that this has come to an end, there is a formal process which must be followed by all government departments in order to secure a ‘grid slot’ for announcements. This is co-ordinated by central government and is, to a large degree, out of the DfE’s hands.

Our Member briefing event last week discussed our expectations around next steps for our Members once the outcomes are announced. If you were unable to attend this briefing, the recording is available here.

I appreciate how frustrating this delay will be to Members and I am working with the DfE to develop as persuasive an argument as we can for the earliest possible date for the announcement. If a delay to the outcomes of round 2 is likely to have an immediate impact on your recruitment for the 2023/24 cohort, for example you are likely to withdraw from the delivery of ITT early should you not be accredited, please get in touch. We will, of course, treat any information you share in complete confidence.

In the meantime, please remember that we are always at the end of an email or the phone to offer advice and support.

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