NASBTT has responded to the Department for Education’s ‘Initial Teacher Education inspection framework and handbook 2020: inspecting the quality of teacher education’ consultation.

The objective of the consultation, which closes on 3rd April, is to seek views on changes to the ITE framework from September 2020, including to:

  • Introduce two key judgement areas only: the new ‘quality of education and training’ judgement will replace the current ‘outcomes for trainees’ and ‘quality of training across the partnership’ judgements.
  • Apply a new methodology for gathering evidence during an inspection a one-stage model of inspection.
  • Introduce a short and longer telephone call with ITE partnership representatives.
  • Hold spring and summer term inspections only.

Whilst NASBTT is broadly in agreement with these proposals, but in stressing a clear preference for summer term inspections, Executive Director Emma Hollis has highlighted five key recommendations for government’s consideration:

Read the NASBTT response to ITE inspection framework consultation here.

The full consultation online response can be viewed here.

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