You may wish to consider attending the following as well as disseminating to your partner schools:

The DfE Teacher Workload Unit, in collaboration with school leaders across the country, is running a series of events to showcase work that is currently being done in schools to effectively reduce teacher workload. Each event will start with a presentation from a key note speaker (such as Sean Harford, National Director, Education, Ofsted).This will be followed by the opportunity to participate in workshops run by serving leaders who have successfully established approaches to reducing workload in their schools.

Leaders from all types of schools are encouraged to attend and consider attending with a member of their governing board due to the strategic link between workload and recruitment and retention, and the events are specifically intended for those leaders who have not attended a reducing workload event in the past, Sign up to an event closest to your school here: https://registration.livegroup.co.uk/removing-unnecessary-teacher-workload-events2018/

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