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Please see a communication below regarding a new Religious Education online resource.


Culham St Gabriel’s, with support from NATRE, have launched two new resources to support primary teachers of RE. At the Building the Future of Primary Religious Education Conference held at the University of Middlesex were showcased:

  • A free new toolkit for Primary ITT tutors
  • A free new self-study Teach:RE Primary – an introduction course

The Toolkit

Culham St. Gabriel Trust has funded a project to investigate what could be creatively and successfully taught and learned in 12 hours’ provision in Primary ITT. The result of this project is a practical toolkit for ITT tutors. The toolkit is freely available for all to use.  It includes learning plans based on a clear rationale for RE, pedagogy and practice and subject knowledge. It is available by clicking the link below:


Teach:RE Primary- an introduction

This short self-study course is for those currently undertaking primary initial teaching training or for those in their NQT year or working as an HLTA in a primary school or academy. The course helps those entering the teaching profession to understand the purpose of RE and how to teach it effectively. There are three tasks and an option to apply for a certificate. More information can be found in the link below:


Kathryn Wright, Chief Executive, Culham St Gabriel’s Trust

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