Further to the recent ITTAG meeting, we wanted to draw your attention to the following restrictions that are in place on using DfE funding for marketing spend:

Cabinet Office guidelines on marketing and communications spend controls are published on GOV.UK – https://www.gov.uk/guidance/advertising-marketing-and-communications-spend-controls

All providers and lead schools sign a Grant Funding Agreement before funding is released (see extract from the Grant Offer Letter (Annex F) below):

5. Complying with new Government policies

5.1 The grant funding is provided on the strict understanding that none of this funding is to be used for advertising, marketing, communications and consultancy, or for any costs associated with the maintenance, technical development or updating of existing websites or for the development/creation of new websites, unless the Cabinet Office approves such expenditure for the academic year in question.   For guidance on the current Cabinet Office position, please consult the School Direct (salaried): funding manual and/or the Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship: funding manual

Providers should contact DfE for advice if they are unclear whether or not a particular cost would come under marketing costs.

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