Those of you who work with Teaching Schools will be interested to note that we have had the following advice from the DfE:

Alliances should only report on trainees that they are responsible for and are part of their ITT offering. Work done toward ITT training for other alliances can be recorded as CPLD activity. To do otherwise would result in the double counting of trainees which would artificially inflate our figures, and as these figures will be helping to inform and refine the Teaching Schools KPIs this is not advisable.

In practice, this means that those of you with partnerships spanning more than one Teaching School Alliance will need to be clear on which partners can register your trainees on their KIF form.  If your SCITT is allied with one particular Teaching School, you will, of course, want to claim all of your trainees but should be aware that this may cause conflict for other Alliances who may have offered placements and who will want to meet their obligations under the new targets.

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