Published on: 22nd January 2020

Published by: The Royal Foundation

On the 21st and 22nd January 2020, The Duchess of Cambridge and The Royal Foundation are launching the campaign 5 Big Questions – a UK-wide landmark survey that aims to spark the biggest ever conversation on early childhood which will give the nation an opportunity to share their view on raising the next generation. The goal is to encourage as many people as possible to respond to the survey’s 5 quick questions, which will ultimately help The Royal Foundation bring about positive, lasting change for generations to come.

The launch of the survey follows eight years of work by The Duchess of Cambridge in which she has explored how experiences in early childhood often lie at the root of the hardest social challenges the country faces today. What we experience in the earliest years – from in the womb to the age of five – is instrumental in shaping our future lives. The Duchess has spent time meeting with families across the country and hearing about the issues they deal with day-to-day, in addition to speaking with academics, experts, organisations and practitioners. Now it is the time to listen to the country as a whole, to hear what they have to say and start a national conversation on the under fives.

The findings should provide a vital source of information for the early years sector, helping it to better understand public perceptions of the importance of the early years, and the first-hand experiences of parents, families and carers. It will also help to focus Her Royal Highness’ work through The Royal Foundation as she endeavours to provide children across the UK with the best foundations to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Please take a minute to complete the brief survey available in the link below:


We’d also welcome you to share this with your colleagues, trainees, schools and trusted, like-minded partners.

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Delighted to support The Duchess of Cambridge’s #5BigQuestions on the under 5s. It’s a quick, online survey asking about your hopes and aspirations for the next generation. By taking a minute

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