Apply for teacher training is now live, and is already being used by 110 providers to recruit candidates to over 1500 courses.

We’re always making improvements to our service based on your feedback.

As one of the providers currently using Apply for Teacher Training, we’ll be writing to you every month to give you an update on the main changes.

Here are a few new features included on Apply for Teacher Training.

What’s new on the provider interface?

Respond to application

You told us that you want to be able to move candidates around within your networks so we’ve added in new options for responding to an application. As well as offering a place and rejecting an application you can now offer a place on a new course, a place at a new location or with a new provider.

So you can now give candidates the opportunity to move within your network, making sure they’re offered the course that most suits them!

Add notes to an application

There’s now a feature that lets you add notes to an application on the provider interface.

Whether it’s for helping you pass applications from one colleague to another, sharing decisions with partner organisations or simply for keeping track of your own work on an application, we hope you will find this feature useful.

Social media toolkit for our partners

We’re really excited to be working with you on Apply for Teacher Training. We think your candidates should know that you’ve made a commitment to improving their journey into teaching. So we’ve put together some ready-made social media posts that you can use to promote your involvement in DfE Apply for Teacher Training.


You can personalise the toolkits with your own logo and name.

What’s new on the candidate form?


We know references can be difficult for candidates and providers. We want to make sure that candidates can easily provide accurate referees. We’ve added in a self-serve function so candidates can better manage their referees. So if a referee isn’t replying it’s easy for a candidate to request a new reference and keep their application on track.

What’s next?

We’re continuing to improve our service for providers and candidates. Over the next few weeks we’re running user research to answer the following questions:

·        What kind of notifications do you expect from the Manage applications service? Who needs to be notified of what, and when?

·        How do you process applications from international candidates?

·        What happens at the end of a cycle when it comes to enrolment and deferred applications?

If you’re interested in taking part in research to share your thoughts on any of these topics, please get in touch by emailing becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk with an available time and date to book in a session with our user research team.

If you have any questions, feedback you’d like to share or if you’d like to opt-out of this newsletter please email becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk.

All the best,

The Apply Team

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