SKE package for Academic Year 2020/21

Funding position

The SKE budget for this financial year (April 2020 to March 2021) was largely spent by September 2020 following the surge in demand for SKE during the summer as a result of the increased interest in teaching for ITT2020. This means funding for SKE will only be available from April 2021, the start of the next financial year, apart from physics SKE which will be available from January 2021.

In previous years we have provided additional SKE funding to support ITT recruitment.  This will not be the case this year, given the improving recruitment position outlined in the ITT Census published on 3 December.

We must remain within budget, which means there is a limit to funding and a limit to the number of ITT applicants who will be able to access SKE. To ensure spending remains within the SKE budget we are introducing a revised claims process.

Changes to the SKE package

We have considered where to focus the budget to make the best use of

the funding available for ITT2021. The following changes have been made:

  1. Reduction of the SKE candidate bursary from £200 to £175 per week
  2. Removal of geography as a SKE subject
  3. Tightening eligibility for SKE to exclude those who have a degree in their chosen ITT subject awarded in the previous 5 years.

Start date of courses

As noted above the increase in demand over the summer means the SKE budget for financial year April 20 to March 21 has largely been spent on supporting candidates for ITT2020.  The funding that remains will be used to start SKE physics, which is our highest priority, in January 2021.

Other subjects will be able to start in April 2021 when funding is available for the next financial year.

Allocation of funding

We will confirm funding allocations for April to September 2021 to individual providers next week.

Please note that funding for physics courses from January 21 will only be available to those providers who delivered SKE physics in academic year 2019/20.

If you have any queries please contact  SKE.INBOX@education.gov.uk

Email to ITT providers

SKE package for Academic Year 2020/21

Following our email of 15 September we are writing to confirm arrangements for the SKE package for this academic year.  Please find attached the email we sent today to SKE providers which sets out the detail on the funding position; changes to the package; and start date of courses.

ITT providers should also note the following:

i) Demand for SKE – we are expecting demand for ITT to be high. As noted in our September email, we encourage all ITT providers to consider whether a conditional offer requiring a SKE course is strictly necessary and if so the length of course required. This is because we must remain within the budget, which means there is a limit to DfE funding and a limit to the number of ITT applicants who will be able to access SKE.

Where an offer conditional on SKE is made and a DfE funded course is not available, it will be the candidate’s responsibility to gain the subject knowledge. The candidate would need to decide whether to pay for this commercially themselves, in line with the current position for candidates required to gain GCSE/equivalent qualifications.

ii) Eligibility for SKE – those who have a degree in their chosen ITT subject awarded in the previous 5 years are not eligible for SKE. These candidates should have the required level of subject knowledge, or be able to top up their knowledge, without a DfE funded SKE course.

iii)  Long SKE courses – SKE courses can be delivered alongside ITT courses. However, as courses will not commence until April, ITT providers should consider the increased burden it may put on a candidate to undertake 25 hours per week SKE concurrently with their ITT before making a conditional offer which requires a long SKE course.

If you have any queries please contact  SKE.INBOX@education.gov.uk

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