The ITT Core Content Framework: Exemplification Resource is a document facilitated by the DfE and created by a broad set of ITE colleagues with the help of the ITT Associates.

The aim of this document is to help the ITT Sector navigate implementation of the ITT Core Content Framework by sharing helpful approaches and examples as providers roll-out their plans and activities from September 2020.

This is the first of three iterations of the document. There are plans to revise this document in Autumn and Spring as feedback is received, and further resources become available to support with implementation and address specific challenge providers are facing.

This document is not mandatory, and providers are not obligated to use this information but may find it to be a helpful tool in the next academic year. The document is not a comprehensive guide to embedding the CCF into curriculum planning/training provision but a collection of resources that providers have found useful in addressing specific challenges.

The ITT Core Content Framework: Exemplification Resources can be found in the NASBTT – Member Hub.

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