We have published a second briefing note on our approach to complaints arising from the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The briefing note looks at issues such as the importance of clear communication, how we will look at consumer rights issues, and our approach to complaints about course delivery and quality. It makes clear our expectation that providers should engage with students’ concerns and complaints, and that blanket policies such as refusing to consider tuition fee refunds or students’ requests for deferrals in any circumstances are not reasonable.

Felicity Mitchell, Independent Adjudicator said:

“We know that providers, students and those who advise and support them have responded with great ingenuity, hard work and resilience to the very significant challenges of the last few months. We hope that our briefing note will help all involved to continue to find ways through this complex and challenging situation. As we say in the briefing note, it’s not in anyone’s interests for students to have to raise formal complaints, when it might be possible to find solutions through working together.”

Read the OIA 2nd Coronavirus briefing note here.

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