Members are to be advised that are aware of this process and we are working with the team at the DfE to try to encourage the Welsh Government against this lengthy process for providers.  We have held off sharing this with members at this stage until we have some clarification on the process from the DfE.  We will updated members when we have some clarification on the process from the DfE.

In order for a school-centred initial teacher training provider (SCITT) to have its courses designated for student support, it is required to submit information to the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) to evidence that it meets Welsh Government’s criteria for specific designation.

We have published an application process (attached) alongside guidance for a SCITT to complete that process. Should HEFCW be satisfied that the information received from a SCITT meets that criteria then it will recommend to the Welsh Ministers that the SCITTs course should be specifically designated for student support.

If a SCITT’s courses are specifically designated by the Welsh Ministers then students domiciled in Wales studying on those courses will be eligible for student support. The full details of the support available to a Welsh-domiciled student studying on a specifically designated course can be found on the Student Finance Wales website. Currently tuition fee support available for Welsh-domiciled students studying on a full-time specifically designated course is £6,165.

HEFCW asks all SCITTs to confirms their intention to make a submission by Friday 29 January. All submissions must be made by Friday 26 February.

Any queries and confirmation of intention to make a submission should be addressed to regulationadvice@hefcw.ac.uk.

Specific Designation Guidance for SCITTs


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