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Are you considering NASBTT’s Subject Development Resources to support your delivery of a high-quality curriculum and develop the subject knowledge of your trainees?  Want to know how they can be used most effectively by ITT providers and how the resources can support trainees to develop their knowledge of the key concepts and principles of effective teaching and learning and what this looks like through the lens of a subject? Check out our Q&A below

Why are you changing the current format of NNL’s?

We originally introduced the NASBTT Network Live project in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. Overnight, providers were having to find a way of supporting trainee teachers to complete their training, without the ability to be in school or center-based training. The live sessions, hosted by subject experts, took place at 4 o’clock each afternoon and would regularly have upwards of 500 trainees attending each session.

As time moved on and schools returned to more traditional timetables, trainees had less availability at 4 o’clock and we have seen a gradual but significant move towards synchronous engagement. This has been coupled with provider curriculums being adapted and prioritising integration with the Core Content Framework.

With these issues in mind, the new project is now a complete suite of subject development resources for trainee teachers, that are all linked back directly to the CCF. They are available to both trainees and mentors, allowing the provider the ability to upskill and inform mentors of the key research and theory that trainees are engaging with. There is also the ability for the provider to use three 30 minute videos to support their subject delivery. Either by directing trainees to engage with the material ahead of sessions, or by building videos into taught sessions at the center.

What are the new NASBTT Network’s Live?

Every* curriculum area across primary and secondary now has 5 pre recorded subject development sessions, led by experts from subject associations or institutions. There is consistency for trainees across each subject, as the 5 titles for each session are the same across all subjects. The sessions will focus on the following 5 areas, all taken from the Core Content Framework:

  • An introduction to the Subject
  • Adaptive Teaching
  • Anticipating Common Misconceptions in the Subject Area
  • Memory and Metacognition
  • Ongoing Subject Knowledge Development and Self-Efficacy

By having this consistency across each subject area, trainees will start to understand what some of the key concepts and principles of effective teaching and learning look like but through the lens of a subject, giving trainees a vital understanding of the nuances and specific knowledge often only built through experience and time. We have some short examples taken from different subjects below:

How do my trainees engage with the videos?

We have tried to ensure that the content within the sessions are as flexible and purposeful as possible. As the provider, you will be able to use the videos as you wish. Below are some examples of how the content might be utilised most effectively:

The first model is most likely the most simple. The subject videos are available to trainees to engage with and as the provider, you direct them towards those that you think are most useful or relevant to their current training. You can then follow up with your trainees in the next relevant training session to discuss conclusions and link into your own taught curriculum.


The second potential model is to integrate the videos into your taught curriculum. In all models, trainees have unlimited access to the video content but with this model, you will be able to build in the videos into your existing curriculum. This model allow you to compliment your existing curriculum delivery with some expert input as well as being able to focus on key concepts through the lens of each subject.

The third potential model is designed to try and ensure that all of your subject leads and facilitators are able to deliver in a consistent and coherent way, despite the fact they may well have very little time working with you across the academic year. As with previous models, trainees have unlimited access to all videos across the curriculum. Alongside that, you will give access to your subject leads who are then able to integrate them into their taught sessions and contextualise the learning for your trainees. Your mentors will also have access to these videos which will enable them to understand better the content being taught to their trainee in centre-based training.

Do my mentors have access?

Yes. For every trainee that is signed up, their mentor will also be given access to the videos. We know how important it is for there to be a clear link between school practice and centre based training so by allowing mentors to access the subject development videos, they will have a convenient way of informing themselves on what their trainee is currently working on. There is also the opportunity for the mentor to sit and watch the video with the trainee and be able to unpick the concepts being discussed, contextualising some of these to deepen understanding.

What is the evidence base?

The 5 focus areas have all been selected from the CCF research base and designed in conjunction with NASBTT’s subject consultants as well as discussions with members. Each video features more subject specific research and evidence, that builds upon and beyond the CCF.

Will more videos be added?

Yes. Although the first year will be restricted to the 5 videos that are currently available, each academic year will bring a review of current material, as well as the opportunity to add videos covering other key concepts that have not yet been covered.

Why are there some subjects missing?

There are some non-compulsory secondary subjects that are not currently covered by the suite of resources. In the same way that we will be adding to the current conceptual areas that are covered, we will look to add subject areas over time. This will be based on the needs of members and feedback from current users.

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